Don't burn money - how to save £££ before you even get to the petrol pump

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Vehicles & Motor

Last updated: 30 January 2020, 10:39 GMT

You can see the fuel needle on your dashboard edging closer and closer towards to the dreaded empty line. It’s time to top up the tank! Never a fun way to spend your time or money but needs must sometimes. Here are the tips you need to save money at the petrol pump!

Firstly, you can save money before you even need to get the pump. It may not be exciting but changing your driving style is likely to be the easiest way to save money on petrol. Racing off at traffic lights isn’t a good look for you or your wallet! When accelerating, staying under 3,000 RPM will minimise the fuel consumption. An easy change with notable savings!  

Things that speed up must slow down! Braking slowly rather than erratically makes a difference to your fuel efficiency. Not only do you use less energy in bringing your speed down, you are also less likely to need to quickly accelerate. Finding a road position that allows you to drive in this way is a money-saving habit to have!

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Pump It Up

You can check and adjust your tyre pressure for free at thousands of petrol stations up and down the country. Make the most of this free service and it will also mean that you will save pennies at the pump.

Ensuring that your tyres are at the their correct tyre pressure will make your journey smoother, safer and cheaper. You can find the ideal pressure for your car on a sticker in your car, in the manual or try Google!

It is worth noting that it IS possible to over-inflate the tyres too. More pumped up doesn’t equal better! Find out the sweet spot and keep your tyres as close to that as possible. 

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Empty Your Boot, Not Your Purse

Is your car full of stuff that needs sorting (or binning)? This tip has a double benefit: you get your car clean AND save money. Whether you have your kids unused textbooks, golf clubs, a buggy you rarely use or anything else that shouldn’t belong in the car, then get rid!

The reason for this is very simple. The heavier the car, the more work the engine has to do to move the vehicle and therefore the more petrol per mile it consumes. A simple tactic that will save you money and get you doing a task that, let’s be honest, we all put off for as long as possible!

One other way of keeping your car lighter and therefore more efficient is to only fill the car up 50% of your petrol capacity. You aren’t then carrying around extra weight and needing more of the thing that weighs you down!

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Crank It Up A Gear

Changing gear is probably so natural that you don’t even notice when (or why) you do it. However, if you start to pay attention to this left-hand movement then you can save money. As a general rule the higher the gear, the more efficient the drive.  

An easy way to implement this change is to simply move up the gears just before it feels natural. You’ll lose some umph with acceleration but that isn’t a bad thing if you are looking to be a money-saving driver anyway!

Put the tips above in to practice and you will quickly see your tank carry you a bit further! Happy (and safe) driving!