How to book a cheap city break with kids

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Travel & Leisure

Last updated: 05 February 2020, 12:15 GMT

Going on a city break is a great way to show your children the world. Explore different cities and their history, culture and cuisine. But unfortunately city breaks can be just as expensive as a long beach holiday! If you are looking to book a city break with your kids for a little less money, here are our tips. 

Book far in advance

The days of last-minute deals are as good as over. Booking flight tickets and accommodation last minute often comes with a high price. If you can plan your city trip far in advance, do this! Take a couple of days where you are likely to be free and just book your flights. Don’t wait too long with booking your accommodation and travel insurance either.

If you can get a couple days of work and you have children who are not in school yet, consider going on your city trip on weekdays. Flights are often a lot cheaper on weekdays, as well as accommodations. Most restaurants have weekday deals on as well, so you can save money whilst you’re there too.

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Look for the cheapest destinations 

You might have some cities in mind that you want to show your children: Paris, Rome and London are classic city trips. This is great and these cities are very beautiful, but not the ideal choice if you are on a budget.

Have you ever thought about going to Eastern Europe for a city break? Vilnius, Riga, Warsaw and Budapest are examples of gorgeous cities that have a lot to offer, at a low price! Not only can you book flights and accommodation on a budget to these destinations, food and drink is fairly cheap here too.

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See if you can get a free kids’ place

You may think free kids’ places are only applicable to package holidays. But sometimes specific airlines or hotels have this offer on too! For example, at Hilton Hotels kids’ up to 12 year old stay for free and kids’ up to 5 eat free. This is a great deal that you can make use of on your city break.

Most package holiday providers like easyJet Holidays also have city break packages. Make use of their offers and discounts for children by booking with them. With these packages you have everything sorted in one booking: your flights, accommodation and usually luggage are all included!

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Join loyalty programs

Yes, we can hear you think ‘another loyalty program I need to join?’. There are so many programs out there! But they exist for a reason and you should make use of them. Hotel loyalty programs often offer you a free upgrade or discounted rate. With, you get your 11th night for free! You’ll only need to go on 2 or 3 city breaks to get this discount.

With loyalty programs from flight operators you usually get points, which you can swap for money off your flight ticket or upgrades. Sometimes you also get free access to airport lounges or speedy boarding. Although you might not be able to join the loyalty program for your children, if you have a family account you can still get discounts on their tickets too.

These are top tips to save money on your city break with children. Wherever your next city trip is, enjoy!