Must have or hype? A look into the Fabletics VIP membership

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Sports & Fitness

Last updated: 30 January 2020, 10:47 GMT

Fabletics is an active wear brand that was launched with famous actress Kate Hudson in 2013. They are well known for the trendy styles of sportswear, offered with a monthly VIP membership. But what is this VIP membership exactly and is it worth your money? We’re having a look into Fabletics and the value of their offers.

How does the VIP Membership work? 

The VIP Membership works in a way where you get charged if you don’t buy anything. On the first of every month you will be sent an email with personalised outfits. You can buy these, or browse the site for different things you like. If you don’t make a purchase by the 5th of every month, your card will be charged £44. You can use this money as store credit to shop with.

When you sign up for the VIP Membership, you get the offer to buy 2 leggings for £24. This is what draws most people in to the membership. Of course this is a fantastic discount to the usual cost of about £40 per leggings!

However, if you are not planning on spending money every month on Fabletics active wear, the membership can get expensive as you get charged £44 every month without using that as store credit.

You do have the option to skip months on your membership. When you get your email on the 1st of the month and you know you are not making a purchase, you can go onto the website and ‘skip the month’. This means your card will not get charged. You can do this however many months you like, but you do have to remember to skip! You can set a monthly calendar reminder for yourself or use your fantastic memory, but if you do not let Fabletics know you want to skip, you will be charged £44.

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What is the cancellation policy?

With Fabletics you can cancel your membership anytime. However, the brand has been under a bit of scrutiny because their methods of cancelling are not very easy for customers. You can’t simply go into your account and click a button. You have to call up the team or speak to someone on the live chat.

  • Call 020 369 53831 , Monday to Friday between 8AM and 8PM, Saturday and Sunday between 10AM and 6PM.
  • The live chat is open 24/7

Can I order without a VIP Membership? 

Yes, you can order Fabletics active wear without a membership! This is ideal if you do not feel comfortable signing up to a monthly membership. But it’s worth noting that the cost of the clothing goes up significantly without a membership. For examples, leggings that are £59 with the VIP membership will cost you £79 as a non-member.

So, is it worth your money?

The Fabletics membership is worth your money if you are planning on spending over £44 on active wear every month, or if you are good at keeping up to date on ‘skipping’ the month. With the world being more conscious about sustainable fashion, we are wondering whether a monthly purchase of gym clothing is necessary. Of course, this is up to you to decide.