Lose kilos not pounds: 5 at-home fitness tips

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Sports & Fitness

Last updated: 26 January 2020, 02:55 GMT

Keeping fit can feel impossible when you don’t have time or money for the gym. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are plenty of exercises you can from the comfort of your living room. Here are our top tips for keeping fit at home: 

Schedule your workouts

Doing a home workout should be approached the same way as going to the gym. If you don’t schedule a time to do your work out, you usually end up not doing it! Schedule a time and plan your day accordingly so you don’t have a reason to skip your exercise.

If you find yourself short on time one day, increase the intensity and reduce the time. This way you still get your heart rate going! If your plans change completely and you can’t do your work out, reschedule it straight away as if it were an important appointment (it is!).

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Keep a journal/calendar 

If you struggle with exercising consistently, it might be good for you to keep a journal. This way you are held accountable. Write down the workout you did that day, how you felt and maybe even your food intake. If you’ve set a goal for yourself (weight loss, fitness level, workout minutes per week) this journal is a good chance to keep track!

Even if you have a ‘bad’ day it is good to write down a bit of detail, you might find patterns you have never noticed before!

Find the most effective exercises

If you are working out at home, it is very likely you don’t have a lot of equipment. But there are so many exercises you can do with just your body weight! This is called resistance training. Find the ones that work best for you depending on what you want to practice. Lunges, squats and planks are usually seen as very effective resistance exercises. 

Effective can also focus on what helps you keep to you workout. If you don’t get excited by resistance training but want to practice yoga, skipping rope or try a HIIT workout, this is of course absolutely fine! Find out what works for you and what makes you happy.

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Don’t forget the warm up and cool down

You might think you can skip the warm up and cool down because you’re doing a workout at home. But this is a mistake that can lead to injuries! You should never skip warming up your muscles, this is important to get your body ready for the workout ahead. There are lots of stretches you can do, from chest expansions to neck rotations. Do some jumping jacks or running on the spot to get your heart rate going.

Cooling down is equally as important and often gets skipped! You might feel tempted to just jump into a shower and get on with your day. But cooling down is an important feature of your work out. Stretch your legs, abs, arms and neck for a full body cool down. This is also a good opportunity to reflect on your work out.

These tips will help you get fit and stick to your fitness program! You should reach your goals in no time. Remember that working out is an important appointment you have with yourself as part of ‘self care’, just like brushing your teeth or drinking water. This will make it easier to prioritise your workout!