Cheap at-home workout equipment that is worth your money

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Sports & Fitness

Last updated: 06 February 2020, 02:54 GMT

Working out at home is a great way to save money. Earlier we wrote about at-home fitness tips to show you how to keep fit from your house. You might want to add some equipment to your exercises, but of course don’t want to waste your money on things that don’t work. Here are our top work out tools that are actually worth your money!

Resistance band set

A resistance band is a cheap item you can buy from anywhere nowadays! Resistance bands are cheap, lightweight and easy to store away in between workouts. You can buy a set of bands for as little as €5.99!

With resistance bands you can make every exercise that bit more difficult. Whether you are doing squats, wall sits, bicep curls or upright rows – use your bands for more intensity!

resistance band

Jump rope

A jump rope is definitely the cheapest workout equipment on the market! Prices start at around £3 for basic ones (which do the job fine!). Using a jump rope is ideal as a cardio work out. Get your heart rate going and burn some serious calories!

If you think it sounds easy because you used to do it all the time when you were a child – think again. Jumping rope is a proper work out and you might be surprised at how tough you find it. Don’t expect to do a 30-minute session without stopping. Start with intervals, one minute of jumping with a minute of rest. Build up from here and you will train your cardiovascular system, and only for a couple of pounds!

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A set of dumbbells is a very useful addition to your at-home workouts. If you have the money (and space), I’d recommend buying one set of light, medium and heavier weights. If you only want one set, stick with the medium weight dumbbells. You can buy one pair of dumbbells for about £8, or an entire set for around £12.


Foam roller

If you have never used a foam roller before you are in for a treat! This is not so much part of your exercise equipment as it is used post-workout, but a very useful item to have. A foam roller is a self-massage tool that helps you stretch and relax your muscles. Use it after a work out or throughout the day whenever you feel like you need it. Roll out your calves, thighs and back. I highly recommend it after a warm shower too, when your muscles are loose and relaxed. Foam rollers come for as little as £8.

With these cheap and cheerful at-home exercises tools you will make your workouts more intense. You will burn more calories and train your muscles and bigger and better ways! Most of these only cost a couple of pounds, so if you are serious about working out at  home, they are definitely an investment worth making.