Getting a pet? The costs you need to consider

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Pets & Animals

Last updated: 22 January 2020, 07:32 GMT

Bringing an animal into your household can be a wonderful decision. Someone in the house that is always happy to see you and ready for cuddles. For children it is a great way to teach them responsibility as well as giving them a friend to play with. 

Whether you are getting a dog, cat or other animal, there are lots of things to think about before bringing an animal home. Have you thought about what it will cost to have and keep a pet? Here are some costs you may want to consider:


Pet insurance is essential, especially if you have a cat or a dog. You never know when they might have an accident, fall ill or need an operation. The veterinarian fees are very high if you are not insured!

Have you thought about your pet insurance? How much will this cost you a month, and do you have the budget for this? Check if your pet has any pre-existing medical conditions before you bring him home, as these are usually not covered by insurers.


This is something you should have really thought of before getting a pet! Pet food is a basic cost for any animal you are bringing into your family. Although dog food is usually most expensive out of all the animal foods, small animal food (like rabbits and guinea pigs) also needs to be considered!

Also budget for extras like fresh vegetables, treats and snacks. There are plenty of different options available, from low cost options to high priced food. Keep in mind that the low cost foods are often low quality as well and can give your pet health issues (as well as behavioral issues!).

guinea pig food

Going on holiday

It is likely that in the lifetime of your pet you will want to go on holiday or away for a couple days at some point. Have you thought about what you are going to do with your pet?

If you have a dog, you might be able to take him with you. Some hotels are dog friendly (often at an extra charge), but flying or travelling a long time with your dog might be challenging.

If you have a cat or small animal, you will probably have to leave them at home. You can get a pet sitter or bring them to a boarding home, but this costs a bit of money.

dog on holiday

Grooming fees

This one mostly applies to dogs as most of them will need some sort of grooming from time to time. Long haired dogs need regular clipping or trimming. All dogs need their nails cutting, teeth looked after and their eyes need to be checked frequently. You can get all of these procedures done at a dog salon, but this of course comes at a cost.

Cats are not so high maintenance, they can do with a gentle brushing regularly but do not usually need professional grooming.

These are some basic costs you need to consider before bringing a pet into your home. Of course there things like toys, collars/leads, beds and cages that you also need to invest in when you get a pet. But, the love you get from your pet will be worth the money!