Feline freebies! How to get free stuff for your cat…

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Last updated: 31 January 2020, 06:06 GMT

Cats love can be unconditional and they provide company when we most need it. Their love doesn’t come at a price but their upkeep does! It can be expensive to have a pet so we have taken a look at the best freebies you can get for your cat.

Lots of companies will offer you free stuff in an attempt to make you a loyal customer over time. If you get a freebie that you love and want to buy it off your own back, great, but there is no obligation to do so. That’s the beauty of a freebie!

Free Cat Food

Everyone loves free food and your cat is no different! There is so much choice in the market for cat food that it can be quite daunting. It is, therefore, also difficult for brands to compete on the shelves and win over new customers. So to combat this, lots of brands are willing to get you and your feline friend free food to get you on-side.

You can get a FREE kitten food bag (300g) from AVA or Wainwrights with this deal

Want more? Well you’re in luck! Here is another offer that gives you 12 (yes, twelve) wet food pouches from AVA or Wainwright. Claim yours here.

Apply to be part of the Hills Science trial to get your companion a whole series of free food. Find out more and apply to be part of this here.

If you give a little bit of information about your pet to the friendly people at Perfect Fit, they will send you a trial pack for free. The form is free, fun and easy with no catch so give it a go here to claim your freebie.

Cat food maker Applaws run regular freebie campaigns. Keep an eye out on their sampling page to get your hands on the next run!

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More To Cat Life Than Food

I know it is hard to believe, but cats do like and need a bit more than just food! There are other types of freebies out there for you to grab and here they are:

It is not the most exciting of purchases so always nice to get it free: flea treatment. You can get a free course of treatment for your cat here.

Fireworks are a nightmare for pet owners and lovers. You can prepare yourself for November and New Years Eve madness with this handy, free guide from PDSA. Practical advice will help you help your cat at, what can be, a very stressful time. The guide will be sent to your address to read at a time that suits you. Claim your free guide on the PDSA website here. 

Freebies and cats in the same article, is there anything better?!