Apps & sites that will change your (financial) life

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Money & Banking

Last updated: 12 February 2020, 11:02 GMT

There are so many apps out there from Candy Crush to 7 minute workout guides. While we could write at length about our favourite free game apps, this article is all about how to use apps and sites to save you time and money. Saving money doesn’t have to be hard work, we’ve found the best sites to save money at ease with these apps and sites.

Look After My Bills

Who wouldn’t love their bills to be looked after! When those letters or emails arrive, it isn’t a fun moment. Unless you regularly review your household bills such as energy, water and broadband then you are probably paying too much!

When you start to try and compare providers, services and pricing it can seem like an absolute minefield. You also need to work out how much time it takes and whether that is worth the saving when doing it yourself.

This is where Look After My Bills comes in! As featured on Dragons Den, LAMB does all of the work for you. It’s a completely free service that means you can skip the comparison sites and start saving straight away. To get started, you simply need to provide some basic information and you’ll get a quote in 30 seconds.

Once you’ve signed up, the process couldn’t be simpler. Look After My Bills have a unique algorithm that enables their systems to match your usage and location to the best deal on the market for you. You remain in control but you can simply click to accept the saving. When you are eligible for a better deal, they will switch you automatically (if you allow them too!).

The only thing you’ll notice is a reduced energy bill! Average savings run into the hundreds of pounds for new LAMB customers. What are you waiting for?



We love this app and it really is the simplest way to stash away extra cash without even thinking about it. Moneybox simply rounds up your purchases to the nearest pound. You are very unlikely to notice the 22p difference on a purchase but you will notice the building pot of money in MoneyBox.

The reason this app is a no-brainer is that you simply don’t need to do anything differently to normal. Download the app and you’re good to go. Not only are you building a pot of money but Moneybox will invest it for you.

You don’t need to be an investment banker to be able to start investing your spare change through Moneybox. The app presents you with choices on your investment style in human language: cautious, balanced and adventurous. These easy to understand options take the confusion out of investing and can help start that journey. If you want to read more about Moneybox, find our dedicated article here.

 Download Moneybox to turn spare change into an investment!

Airtime Rewards

Phone bills can be annoyingly expensive. That is where Airtime Rewards come in! This is another no-brainer app to download if you want to save money without thinking. The app gives you money off your phone bill when you shop at their partner retailers.

The beauty of Airtime Rewards is that they’ve partnered with retailers that you probably shop with anyway so you aren’t spending more to save! There are over 80 retailers who work with Airtime Rewards including: Argos, Halfords, Pizza Express and Primark.

 Airtime Rewards connects both to your card to track the money-back when you spend at retailers but also to your phone bill. In reality, this just means that you don’t need to do anything! Another seamless way of getting money off your bills through an app without having to do any work!