Shop Now and Get a Cashback with Quidco: Start Earning from Your Shopping with No Extra Cost

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Last updated: 05 June 2020, 05:50 GMT

If you went out shopping and the shop gave you money back when you bought things – you’d be happy, right?

A lovely daydream? Too good to be true? Everyone wants to get a little bit back if they can – and saving any amount of money on things you buy would be a welcome treat. Well – today I’m SO excited to tell you that this really is possible.

I’m talking about the website QUIDCO, an amazing UK-based site with over 7 million members that you really can’t afford not to take a look at.

Quidco is a UK based cashback site that actually pays you for shopping. It’s totally free to use either on your computer or your phone 

Please note, there IS a paid version that’s just £5 a year where you get a few extra benefits, and the £5 is taken out of your cashback, but this isn’t at all necessary to get started. I have gone for the upgrade as it worked out as the best value for me but you do what you think works best for you.

I don’t say this lightly, but I’m amazed at how quickly you can save money on things that you spend anyway. It couldn’t be easier to get started, so let’s dive a bit deeper and I’ll do a quick Quidco review for you so you can make up your own mind.

How Does It Work?

Every time you shop online, start at the QUIDCO site or app to see if the shop is on their books (highly likely because they have pretty much everything there). Go through their link to the shop and buy what you need as usual.

Each purchase is tracked through QUIDCO and the retailer you bought from – and QUIDCO will give you cashback.

Cashback can be paid to you direct into your bank, into Paypal – or even in vouchers for shops (and you get an extra top up bonus for getting the cash in vouchers).

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What’s The Catch?

I know what you may be thinking – there must be a catch, right? – but really and truly there isn’t.

In fact – everyone involved is a winner…

The shop you buy through is happy because you have ordered something through them and so they have got more sales.

Quidco are happy because they get paid a commission by the retailer you shop with based on what you’ve bought. This is known as an affiliate relationship.

You’re happy because – Quidco kindly share this commission with you!

If you don’t buy anything, Quidco don’t get paid and you don’t get any money back – so this is their way of thanking you for going through them.

They are a middle man that can make you money while you are shopping for things that you’d have bought anyway.

What Sort Of Cashback Is Available?

The average savings are as follows: –

  • £280 Average annual cashback per member
  • £258 Average annual cashback for a single person aged 23, earning £24,000
  • £781 Average annual cashback for a family with two children and household earnings of £55,000
  • £556 Average annual cashback for a retired person with an income of £14,000

Promoted Recommendations

Take a look at the site and see what companies are using Quidco. There are loads of popular retailers on it, and if you buy online right now you are bound to find that most of the shops you buy from are on there: –

Retailers such as Marks and Spencer / House of Fraser etc.

  • Holidays
  • Suppliers
  • Finance

As a quick example, over the past few months I’ve personally made cashback on the following: –

  • Presents from various stores for Birthdays
  • New freezer
  • Switching energy suppliers
  • Christmas presents

AND I’ve even taken advantage of special bonuses given by Quidco occasionally (one was £2.50 cashback for ANY purchase over £5 one day – easy!)

My cashback is growing each and every week. I’m adding it to our savings bank account, and it’s basically money for nothing other than clicking through Quidco first.

Click HERE to get started!