Get Fragrance Samples UK this June 2020: How and Why You Should Get One?

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Jane Taylor in Health & Beauty

Last updated: 04 June 2020, 11:22 GMT

Ever wished you could ‘try before you buy’ when shopping for fragrances online? Well now you can, with Fragrance Samples UK’s exclusive perfume samples service.

They say there is nothing like the sense of smell for capturing memories. Fragrances reach deep into our subconscious selves, triggering powerful associations and emotions.

How and Why You Should Get Perfume Samples?

This goes a long way to explaining the fascination people have with scents, and why they are prepared to invest so much in perfumes and fragrances - they will end up being inextricably linked with memories of people, places, special events, and unique occasions.

Internet shopping offers convenience and often lower prices. But parting with your hard-earned cash for an expensive new scent can be a big risk if you have not even had a chance to sample it first.

At Fragrance Samples UK, we aim to plug that gap in the online perfume buying experience. Acting as your personal decanting service, we have more than 500 scents available, including many designers, niche, and discontinued fragrance samples.

All of our scent samples are decanted from original bottles into plastic spray bottles ranging in size from 1ml to 10ml. So whether you are looking to choose between several different fragrances for a special occasion, or you are just looking to try a new fragrance, we offer a cheap, simple, convenient service for all needs.

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Who Fragrance Samples UK?

FSUK is owned and run by Greg, A.K.A 'Greggieboy76' - the UK's leading perfume vlogger with a YouTube channel dedicated to all things scent related.

The fragrances are Greg’s big passion in life, and both his YouTube channel and FSUK are run with the objective of helping people discover fantastic products they fall in love with. Selling perfume samples in the UK perfectly complements Greg’s aim to share friendly, helpful, impartial advice through his vlog.

We are completely independent and have no association or affiliation with any of the brands we stock whatsoever. We do not use their packaging, Trademarks, or Logos. We offer smaller sized perfume samples and aftershave samples in bespoke bottles, based solely on what we believe are fragrances that deserve to be discovered.

What can you get from Fragrance Samples UK?

We provide original perfume samples for sale from some of the biggest and best names in the industry. All of our fragrances are guaranteed 100% genuine - no imitations, no fakes, just handy, reliable decants, and samples from top quality sources.

To make your purchase even better value, if you spend more than £10 on an order, you can benefit from free delivery. On top of that, if you spend over £30 on samples, we’ll throw in a free hand-selected fragrance sample for you!