Still pay full price for the cinema? A guide to cheap cinema tickets

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Last updated: 26 January 2020, 09:07 GMT

Since when was the cinema over £10 a ticket?! A nice little treat out with friends or family can now quickly add up to a much more expensive experience. There are lots of companies that offer amazing cinema discounts so that you can take your family along for the last movie without breaking the bank.

We have taken a look at the best offers that are out there right now so that you never have to pay full price for the cinema again!

Use Your Nectar Points

Do you collect Nectar points at places like Sainsbury’s and eBay? Rather than taking money off your next shop, did you know that you can trade them in for rewards that offer more than the standard £ value?

Vue Cinemas have teamed up with Nectar to allow you to use your points towards your next cinema ticket purchase. Login to your Nectar app or portal to find out how many points you need to cover your next cinema outing. You can use your Nectar points at Vue Cinemas in increments of 500 points.

It is also worth noting that Vue and Nectar do regular promotions including exchange 1000 points for 2 cinema tickets. Keep an eye out for these amazing offers to save money on cinema tickets!

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Over 55?

There is a campaign from Odeon called Silver Cinema that is worth taking a look at. This isn’t an OAP-style meetup, it is a chance to watch top-draw classical films for just £3. Relive the greats with a free cup of tea or coffee and biscuits while you settle in to a Silver Screening.

You can see what your nearest Odeon is showing by taking a look at the Odeon SIlver Screen website.

Meerkats, Simples

I doubt you have managed to avoid the ads that are plastered all over the TV, radio and online but worth mentioning this offer anyway! Compare The Market have a very good cinema ticket deal for their customers that have:

  • Taken out an insurance policy with them
  • Switched a utility provider through them
  • Taken out a loan, credit card or mobile phone contract with them

You can find some very cheap policies that are worth taking out just to claim the Meerkat Movies ticket offer. Cheap travel insurance policies are popular with advanced deal hunters!

Meerkat Movies allows you to get 2-for-1 cinema tickets at a range of leading cinema chains. You will get a Meekat Movies code each week to use at the checkout of the cinema provider you like to go to!


Unlimited Clubs

Are you a big film lover? If you go to the cinema more than twice a month then it is worth looking at your nearest/preferred cinemas’ “unlimited” scheme. Here is an overview of what the major chains offer:

Odeon: watch as many films as you like each month at any Odeon cinema across the country for £17.99

Cineworld: go to the cinema as often as you like for £18.40 a month

If you love your films and go regularly, this is a sure-fire way to save money on your monthly cinema outgoings.

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Free Film Screenings

Saving money is great but free is even better! There are so many superb films being shown up and down the country each week. Not all titles are blockbuster titles and that means that you are able to access them without the price tag.

If you are interested in seeing films that are off the main circuit, the Free Movies UK Forum is for you! Browse this active forum to find out what you can see and where without needing to spend a penny. You never know what you might find!

film roll

The cinema should be fun and accessible and I hope that these tips will help you get back in front of the big screen!

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