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Last updated: 18 June 2020, 07:24 GMT, the leader in software development, today announced the launch of his new Free MP4 Video Converter - a super-fast desktop app that converts any video for playback on popular devices, such as iPhone, iPad, tablets, and others.

The MP4 video format has become the standard for video and Free MP4 Video Converter is the best Windows application that converts any video to MP4. But this is not the only program's feature. Look at the list below to know how else you can profit from the app:

You can convert any video you have.

The number of supported formats for input is truly amazing: AVI; IVF; DIV; DIVX; MPG; MPEG; MPE; MP4; M4V WEBM; WMV; MOV; MTS; M2T; M2TS; DAT; 3GP2; 3GP; FLV; MKV; TS and there are more. Even if your video is recorded in a rare format, it is likely to be supported by the program.

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Convert video to the format that fits your devices.

MP4 isn't the only video format the program can perform conversion to. You can save to .mov, .avi, .mpeg and .mp3 as well. You'll surely find the one that your multimedia gadget supports.

Combine several videos into one.

Do you really need this feature? Sure. Imagine you have shot several videos on your smartphone and want to make just one out of them to share with your friends. A couple of clicks and 2 and more files are merged and you get just one.

Convert without quality loss

When it comes to file conversion, people worry about the quality they'll get. And that's understandable, because whether we compress videos to send or increase resolution of our recordings we don't want to lose the quality. How to maintain a certain level of quality or even get better results after conversion? How to convert HD films without losing their original quality?


Leave this to the DVDVideoSoft pros. They promise that you won't need to worry about video or sound degradation if you choose their app. And this is true. Import your video file and select from the output profile settings the ones you want to get. Or simply choose your device directly if you intend to play your video there. Press convert. That's all. The app will do all the work and you'll get the file with the best possible video and audio quality.

This program is as easy as ABC. It was made comprehensible and user-friendly for anyone.

Do you still have doubts? Proceed to the MP4 video converter and give it a try. You won't be sorry.

About is a software development company famous for its first class multimedia applications. Among them are video and audio downloaders, converters, editors, recorders etc.

The DVDVideoSoft team is passionate about software and continues to develop in this field releasing new and updating older apps. All have modern UI and are easy enough for a novice user.

Nowadays MP4 is the most popular and commonly-used video format. With our wonderful program you can convert any video file to HD MP4 High Quality. The Best Free Video Converter for Windows gives you an opportunity to convert video files to MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, MPEG and optimize HD Video for iPhone and iPad.

How to create a video format compatible with your multimedia device?

It couldn't have been simpler. If a target device does not support some formats or has limited storage capacity, our Free Video Converter will help you create video file for any modern device, like Apple iPad or iPhone, Samsung phones and tablets, Android and others.

Why you should choose our Free Video Converter?

Simple and self-explaining interface - that's the answer. Stop wasting your time trying to get hard-to-understand instruction. The Best Free Video Converter is an easy-to-use application for Windows that saves your time.