Your grannies' clothes are cool again! Turn shabby to chic with these cheap tips

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Fashion & Clothing

Last updated: 31 January 2020, 12:25 GMT

Recycling clothes is becoming more popular, and we are here for it! Using your grannies’ or mums’ old clothes is a great way of recycling materials as well as preventing you from spending all your salary on new outfits.

Once you have rummaged through the old clothes of all your family members you can start thinking about how to style them. Although some items might seem a bit old, not fashionable or too big for you, there are ways to make them stylish! Here are our top tips.

Use accessories

A cheap and cheerful way of making old clothes stylish is by adding some cool accessories. A pair of big earrings, a waistbelt or a cute pair of rights will really make your old outfit look fresh. You can style one of your dad’s old shirts with some polkadot or fishnet stockings and a big waistbelt!

When you are going through your family members’ old wardrobe, make sure to also ask for any accessories they may have kept! Big rings or earrings, a cool designer belt – you never know what you might find.

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Get DIY’ing 

If you’re handy with the sewing machine or even with a needle and thread (or have a friend who is!) you can get your DIY on with your old clothes. Change that old pair of jeans into shorts, or that maxi dress for a shorter one.

There are plenty of crafting books and blogs on the internet to help you with this. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you try it on a valued piece of clothing, it’s easy to ‘over cut’ on an item and ruin it.

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Pair old with new 

As much fun as it is to wear vintage clothing, you don’t want to look like you have stepped out of a different era. Style your old clothes with new pieces! Wear your nan’s floral maxi dress from the 70s with some funky, fresh trainers. Or that vintage pair of jeans with a new, white t-shirt. This way you can really create your own style.


Dye the clothes

If you find an item that you love the fit of, but not so much the colour – don’t worry! Spend a couple of pounds on fabric dye to easily dye your clothes. You can use this to disguise stains or change the complete garment. If you find an old, oversized tshirt that you love, why not create a tie-dye pattern? All you need is a couple or different colour dyes and some hair bobbles.

Found a fantastic pair of vintage Levi’s? Lucky you! If the colour is a bit washed out you can use jeans dye to make it look fresh.

These tips will help you to recycle your wardrobe. Use the vintage pieces wisely and enjoy those fond memories of your family when you wear them. Create your own style and enjoy mixing things up. You will surprise yourself with how creative you are! Not only is recycling clothes good for your wallet, it’s good for the planet.