How to get a new job and earn more this year

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Education & Training

Last updated: 26 January 2020, 03:07 GMT

Tired of being stuck in a job that doesn’t inspire you? Don’t get paid enough to stay put in your current job? You can change your job and earn more by taking some simple steps. We’ve put together a quick guide on what you can do to make those changes today!  

Free Online Courses

You don’t need to take a sabbatical and enroll with a university to get new skills and a qualification. There are a whole range of online course providers to choose from depending on the subject you are looking to develop your skills and experience in.

A good place to start is the Open University. Through Open Learn you can enroll in over 1000 free online courses across 8 topics: Health, Sport & Psychology, Education & Development, History & The Arts, Languages, Money & Business, Nature & Environment, Science, Maths & Technology and Society, Politics & Law.

Once you have chosen which course you want to undertake, you can start the course immediately. These courses are completely free and you will be able to download a Certificate Of Participation to add to your portfolio. If you are looking for a more formal qualification, there are some Badged courses. Simply filter by those that offer a Badge to see what is on offer.

Arming yourself with skills is a sure-fire way to improve your career prospects! Find your passion and learn without needing to spend a penny on a course.

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Side Gigs

The economy is changing! More and more people are working in the “gig economy” which means you get paid as a freelancer rather than dedicating all your time to one employer. Using your time in this new way will open up opportunities to earn in a more flexible way that suits you.

Not only does your work:life balance improve, you are in control of your earnings. You can now earn more for your time. Depending on your skill set, there are a whole variety of opportunities out there. You can make money delivering food in your spare time, being a Virtual Personal Assistant for small business owners or even matched betting from the comfort of your home.  

Consider your interests and then you can work backwards to find the right gig for you! A good way to get a gig you’ll love is to join Facebook groups that are focused on the topics you have an interest in. You’ll get to see how others are turning their hobbies into an additional income that will inspire you to do the same!


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Get A Payrise

Love your job but it simply doesn’t pay you what you need or want? Ask for a payrise! Brits are famously bad at talking about money but don’t let that be the reason that you get stuck on the same salary year-after-year. If you haven’t had a pay rise for over a year but have worked hard to add value within your role, it may be time to sit down with your boss or HR.

Take some time to work out and present the work you have done and why that has gone above and beyond expectations. It is also worth seeing how you can continue to grow within the role if you were properly incentivised.

Stats show that women are less likely than men to ask and get a payrise. Don’t be another statistic, stand up and get the money you deserve! Whatever your plans for the next 12 months, you can start learning and earning more immediately!

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