Working from home? You need these cheap laptop accessories!

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Computer & IT

Last updated: 12 February 2020, 07:05 GMT

More and more people work from home nowadays. Whether your company allows you to have at-home days or you are self-employed, it’s a great way to earn a salary. But when it comes to buying the computer items you need to do work, it can easily get very expensive. Save some money with these cheap, but unmissable laptop accessories.

Laptop backpack - £19.98

Working from home doesn’t always mean ‘home’. Sometimes you might want to work from a coffee shop, your local pub or even do work while travelling. If this is you, it is essential you invest a bit of money in a proper backpack. But this doesn’t have to break the bank! This laptop backpack has plenty of premium features for a small price of £19.98.

It has a zip lock to prevent theft, usb charging port and headphone jack and is made of water resistant material. It is the ideal day- or weekend bag for your laptop! It fits laptops up to 15.6 inches so is suitable for most laptops. With its 3 main, 9 inner and 2 sealed side pockets this bag is perfect if you lose things easily. A separate compartment for your keys, wallet, earphones and more – you will always find things quickly when needed!


Laptop sleeve £12.99

If you do not want to carry around a backpack but do need some protection for your laptop, this sleeve is perfect. It has five layers of eco-friendly material, they provide your laptop with water resistance as well as  shock scratch, dents and water protection.

The sleeve has a retractable handle so you can still use it as a briefcase to carry around. An extra outside compartment means you can store a phone, wallet, earphones or your laptop charger. It comes in four stylish colours: dark grey, black, light pink and navy and fits laptops up to 13.5 inch.


Wireless earphones £23.99

Do you take a lot of work calls on your laptop or like to listen to music? Wireless earphones will change your life! These Anker wireless earbuds are connected through Bluetooth and have a 10-hour playtime. The in-ear feature means the buds have a secure and comfortable fit and voices on your call are heard crystal-clear. No more asking someone to repeat what they said!

If you need to hit the gym after working on your laptop for a long time, these earphones are also waterproof!


Wireless mouse - £8.29

A laptop trackpad is handy to use for day-to-day business, especially if you work from different places. But if you have an office at home or need to do more advanced work, you might want to use a wireless mouse. They are usually better for your wrist and work a bit more precise. The wireless function means there are no annoying cable that gets in your way! Simply connect it to your laptop via a small receiver into a USB port and you’re ready to go! 

This particular mouse is very slick, noiseless and super energy saving. It clicks without making a noise, which means you can use it in libraries, cafés and at home without disturbing anyone. The mouse has a slim design and is lighter than most others: you can pop it into your laptop bag and travel around without any hassle! With the super energy saving-mode the mouse automatically puts itself into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. You can simply click any button to wake it up and continue. The mouse operates on 2 AAA batteries (not included) and comes in silver or black.


Keyboard cover - £9.99

If you work from home, you are quite likely to eat most of your food at your desk! Sandwich crumbs, coffee and snacks are easily spilled over your keyboard. Help keep your laptop clean and safe by using a silicon keyboard cover. This means no dust, crumbs and other small bits fall into your keyboard. This keyboard cover is compatible with a MacBook Pro 16 inch, but there are covers on the market for most laptops! When it’s dirty or if you want to prevent any germs from building up – simply take it off and give it a wash! The cover comes in black or transparant.


These items are absolute must-haves if you do most of your work on a laptop. Keep your laptop and yourself safe with these item without going over your budget!