The best freebies with your Broadband plan

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Last updated: 30 January 2020, 06:46 GMT

Sorting out a new broadband plan is not usually a fun task you’re excited to do. Plans seem confusing and there are lots of different offers on the market at varying prices.

Luckily, lots of broadband providers want to give you freebies when you sign up for a plan. But do you have time to work out who has the best freebies? No. So we’ve done it for you!


BT offer reward cards with their broadband subscriptions most of the time. A reward card is a prepaid card that you can use at any retailer that takes Mastercard. The money on the card cannot be taken out as cash back or at a cash machine. There is an expiry date on the funds on the card so make sure to check this! 

BT currently have the following offers on:

  • £80 reward card with BT Superfast Fibre at £28.99 a month (24 month contract)
  • £100 reward card with BT Ultrafast Fibre 100 at £39.99 a month( 24 month contract)
  • £40 reward card with BT broadband at £26.99 a month (24 month contract)

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Vodafone’s new Superfast Extra Broadband package now comes with a free Apple TV 4K! It includes a 12 months’ Apple TV+ subscription for you and your family to enjoy. The £31 per month package has unlimited broadband usage, an average download speed of 35Mbps at a 24 month minimum term.

Although this is not a cash reward like many other providers give, an Apple TV is a great bonus with your broadband package! 



Plusnet are a popular broandband provider because of the affordable prices of their packages. And they often have freebie offers! Currently Plusnet Unlimited Fibre, priced at £23.99 a month, comes with a £70 PlusNet Reward Card. This basically works the same as the earlier mentioned reward card from BT. Your PlusNet Reward Card is loaded with £70 and will be sent to the registered address. You can’t take the money out as cash, but you can use this card to pay in stores that accept Mastercard!

John Lewis

John Lewis now offer broadband plans! The famous retailer is popular with many people in the UK and they have branched out to broadband packages. Because of their affiliation with the retails store, they often throw in a freebie gift card when you buy a broadband plan.

For example, currently John Lewis Broadband offer an E-gift card worth up to £35 with Unlimited broadband. This is priced a competitive £20 a month!

There are always plenty of offers on broadband plans. Make sure to have a look at all of the different providers before you purchase your plan – you might be able to get some food freebies!

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