Spots in London Where to Find Free Wi-Fi this 2020 (Updated List)

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Last updated: 04 June 2020, 08:40 GMT

Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) has become increasingly common in the United Kingdom whether it’s free or paid for. Most hotels will offer in-house wireless internet, but will likely charge rather high amounts for access. However many guesthouses offer this for free to their guests.

The login code, if this is the case, will be in your room information pack. In larger cities, simply sitting in a café and checking for Wi-Fi will work, but visitors must be aware of the following safety points when considering Wi-Fi:

  • It is an offense in the United Kingdom to use wireless internet without being given the express permission of the administrator. Check for "Free Wi-Fi" or "Wi-Fi Access Here" signs before logging on.
  • Connecting to a Wi-Fi network without an adequate firewall poses a security risk to your device.
  • Attempting to connect to a person's private Wi-Fi router is known as "freeloading" and is an offense, punishable by law.

The web site has a very hard to navigate database of people who offer their Wi-Fi for free.

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Where to Find Free Wi-Fi in London

International travelers who come to London often feel out of touch because their phones either won’t work or they might pay extra fees for calls or internet use. When you are in a foreign city, it is even more important to stay connected, to ease you, to find your way around, or plan your day out. Depending on your mobile plan, we definitely recommend you finding out international Wi-Fi add-on options with your provider before you arrive in London.

Most hotels, B&B’s have Wi-Fi service for their guests, so that’s a good way to gather information before you start your day, or when you come back at night.

When you are on the road, finding Wi-Fi for your device can be more difficult. So here are some options for how to reconnect online. The magic word in London is a hotspot. 

Sign up to O2 Wi-Fi:

This free O2 Wi-Fi internet service can be found at several locations including McDonald’s, Debenhams, Costa Coffee, House of Fraser, Café Rouge. You don’t have to be an O2 customer, and there is no need for passwords. Download the O2 Wi-Fi App, so you can find your nearest hotspot, even when you are offline.

And it's not just for O2 customers, O2 Wi-Fi is free for everyone, no matter who your mobile or home broadband contracts with. If you are not an O2 customer, as part of signing up to use O2 Wi-Fi, we will ask you to receive offers from us and our selected partners. However, you can change your marketing preferences at any time by following the unsubscribe prompts on the messages you receive.

Sign up to the Cloud:

You can find free Cloud Wi-Fi, hotspots at Pizza Express, Caffe Nero, Pret-a-Manger, Wagamama, and shopping centers. Create a Cloud account with your username and password before and log in when you are at a hotspot. The Cloud is even easier to use for AT&T customers: all you need to do is download the AT&T Wi-Fi International App.

Bus Tours: If you are considering getting a hop-on-hop-off bus ticket whilst in London, then keep in mind that just about every bus has free Wi-Fi for ticket holders.

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Find a Starbucks:

Get some coffee and use their free internet that connects for 2 hours. After that, you can reconnect if needed. Open your web browser and go to btopenzone and click connect.

Buy a Wi-Fi pass with Virgin Media:

Virgin Media offers a WifiPass for non-customers for £5/week. Their service works in the London Underground Stations.

Find an internet café:

Yes, there are still some internet cafes in London. 

Staying online helps you get around easier and makes you get the most out of your trip. You can also easily look up maps or links that we provide so you can easily find your guide on our famous pay-what-you-like walking tours in London.