Tired of comping? Top tips to stop wasting time and start winning

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Competitions & Prizes

Last updated: 26 January 2020, 08:37 GMT

How many competitions have you entered over the years? Bored of spending hours finding and entering competitions that come to nothing? Fear not, we have put together some quick competition tips to help you save time while increasing your chances of winning. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook is for more than just your school friends’ pictures of the latest family get-together! Groups are becoming increasingly active on Facebook and is no truer than for the competition community. There are so many generic competition groups out there where people share the competitions they find, look for competition buddies to tag and share wins they have received.

The tip here is to join smaller groups that focus on competitions in a specific sector. Work out what you really want to win and start searching for that term + “competition” and filter by groups in the search menu. If you are mainly looking to win a UK short break holiday then searching for “UK holiday competitions” and joining smaller groups in that space help you to meet your comping goals.

Once you have joined and been accepted in to the group, you can set up notifications for each time that someone posts in the group. This is a handy way of keeping up to date with the new competitions that have come out that day.  

Staying focused will help you win the prize you really want!


Hard To Enter Competitions

Most competitions are very easy to enter. Typically, you are asked to simply fill in your contact details to gain an entry with some add-ons such as sharing a post, tagging a friend or visiting a profile. Comping junkies will do this all day long (some even have robots!) but that means that your chances are winning are increasingly slim.

Sounds frustrating, right? Wrong! This is your time to shine and use this to your advantage. Competitions that require more time and effort to enter are going to get significantly fewer entries and therefore your chances of winning skyrocket.

If you see a competition that requires a short video entry explaining why you love the Lake District or pictures of your latest pumpkin design, take those extra couple of minutes to enter! You don’t need to upload a BAFTA winning production or put yourself in line for Photographer Of The Year competition but you are simply taking a step that most other people won’t do.

A tip to content-based entries: make it fun, not a charity appeal. It can be tempting to tell the competition operator about personal issues but you are better off steering clear and making it lighthearted, clever and/or funny.


Hello, are you there?

You will no doubt see lots of tips about having a disposable email address that you only use for competitions. This is sensible as your inbox can become unbearable if mixed in with personal or work emails. However, this strategy means that lots of prize winners simply don’t see any winning notifications from brands.

It’s hard enough to win so if you do, you don’t want to throw it in the junk (folder)! Set up an email address that doesn’t have “competition” or similar in the title because some companies may have a filter for such words. Also, take time to keep your competition inbox clean.

You can do this by:

  •       Unsubscribing from marketing emails you don’t want to it is less noisy
  •       Check your junk/spam folder daily for any messages that may have found there way in there
  •       Use folders and aim for inbox zero. Dragging emails to folders and leaving next-to-no emails in your primary inbox means that you will always be aware of those amazing winner notifications!


Now that your chances have increased, all that is left is to wish you happy and successful comping!