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Last updated: 13 February 2020, 10:16 GMT

Kerching and Win is a phrase that all like to hear! A new cashback site of the same name is now on the scene and it is here to change the game. Traditional cashback sites such as Quidco and Top Cashback offer you a % back on sales with selected retailers. We love getting money for nothing through those sites so when Kerching and Win entered the market, it needed to do a lot to impress!

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 Well, it has done just that. Kerching and Win have a unique model of turning your online purchases into daily, weekly and monthly prize draws. You don’t need to spend any money that you weren’t otherwise going to spend to enter. Simply, visit Kerching and Win before making an online purchase to see if the retailer is part of the programme.

Major brands such as Nike, the AA, Jet2 Holidays, Tesco and many many more work with Kerching and Win to reward you. You can search and find retailers who you can get points for shopping with on the retailer list here. 

How does Kerching and Win work?

Before you purchase anything online, check the Kerching and Win site and check if the retailer you are purchasing from is a partner. If they are, you can click through and complete your purchase as normal!

Once this transaction has gone through, you will be credited with tokens to use on a draw of your choice or redeem as a gift card. With draws daily, weekly and monthly you won’t have to wait long before you get to use your newly acquired tokens. 

The more you spend through Kerching and Win retail partners, the more tokens you get. However, that’s not the only way to acquire them! There is an extensive list of freebies that you will get rewarded for claiming. Browse the list and start seeing the tokens pile up!

 On top of that, there is also an opportunity to complete market research surveys. You need to answer honestly and with care but you will get tokens in return for your time. To start earning from surveys, fill out your profile and you will be matched to the most relevant questions. 

Last but certainly not least, you can earn Kerching and Win tokens by supporting the site on social media. Whether it be a Facebook page like or inviting your friends to join, Kerching and Win has a free credits programme that you can benefit from.

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What can you earn or win?


After going to the effort of earning tokens you probably want to know what you can use them for! Some example weekly prizes in the draw include: £100 M&S Voucher, Cordless Vacuum, Nintendo Switch Console and a £200 Nando’s voucher.

 If you would rather take the element of chance out of the process, you can save your Kerching and Win tokens and exchange them for gift vouchers. Gift card options start at £5 and can be selected for retailers such as Sainsbury’s, River Island, The Entertainer, ASOS, All Bar One, Asda or even as a PayPal transfer. There really is something for everyone!

Want to make your online shopping pay? Kerching and Win is definitely worth a try.

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