100% cashback on everything you buy online? Here's how to get lucky with Boom25!

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Last updated: 31 January 2020, 01:37 GMT

We are all constantly looking for ways to save money on our purchases. Signing up to cashback sites, offer newsletters and voucher code pages is a good start. But what if I told you that you have a chance to win 100% of your money back on your online purchases?

How does it work? 

Boom25 are a cashback site that offer you the chance to win your money back. When someone makes a purchase through Boom25, they receive an affiliate commission. From that money, they give Boom25 customers a chance to win!

The Boom25 platform has over 1200 shops you can choose from, of course including the most popular retailers. So whether you’re shopping for food, a holiday or a beauty product – why not get the chance to win your money back? Signing up only takes a minute and is completely free.

If you are a lucky winner, the money you’ve won as cashback goes into your registered PayPal account.

boom25 paypal

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What are the odds?

The standard chances of winning on Boom25 are 1 in 25. Every 25th customer gets their money back!

But most of the time Boom25 have specials on, where your chances increase! Look at the image below for example (taken on 31/01/2020). If you shop with River Island you have a 1 in 8 chance of winning! Perfect if you are investing in a new wardrobe. These offers change all the time, so make sure to check them before making your purchase. But your chance is never ‘worse’ than 1 in 25!

Customers’ total winnings are as high as £2,424,264! The largest cashback win ever on Boom25 was £8,138. If you are spending the money on your online purchase anyway, why not use Boom25?

boom25 odds 

How do I get started? 

To start shopping through Boom25 all you need to do is set up a (free!) account. Enter your name, email address and a secure password. This allows you to access your personalised dashboard. Here you can see all your shopping, winning details and bonuses. If you’ve won, you can  withdraw your money with PayPal. You will receive the money within 21 business days, although Boom25 state it’s often quicker.

Note that it might take a short while before you know if you’ve won cashback with Boom25. This is because they need to wait for the retailer to confirm everything is in order. Boom25 will send you an email if you’ve won between 1-130 days of your purchase. So don’t worry if you don’t hear anything straight away!

You can also use a personalized invitation link to share with your friends and family if they are not registered with Boom25 yet. If they register with your link and make a purchase of over £20 through Boom25, you win a bonus of £3.

In conclusion, Boom25 gives you a good chance to win back the money you spent on your online purchase. If you shop online frequently, why not use Boom25? You might get lucky and save some cash!

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