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Last updated: 19 June 2020, 05:10 GMT

No one wants to spend an age getting their tax affairs in order, and few products take you through the process of filing returns as quickly and as simply as Nomisma does. It also gives you a variety of basic bookkeeping tools, so if you're looking for something that does more than just taxes, Nomisma might be it.

On the business management side, the software lets you track invoices and orders, keep on top of bills and contracts, and produce a variety of reports on the state of your financial affairs (including VAT comparisons where needed). Not only can it save you time, it can save you money by letting you know where everything is at any given point

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In the tax filing and self-assessment components, you'll find the software is fully HMRC compliant and registered with the government, so you can submit your documents without leaving Nomisma. A lot of the data you're going to need can be auto-populated from the bookkeeping module, but you can buy the tax module separately if needed.

Throughout, Nomisma gives you a clean and modern-looking interface to work with on the web, and if you've got a mobile phone there's an app available for keeping tabs on expenses while on the go. It can also help your accountant calculate the figures at the end of the year, if you've got one.


Nomisma is a cloud-based solution, which has the software, and all the data in the cloud. This has the advantages that the software gets updated when needed on their server, and Nomisma is responsible for redundancy of data and a hard drive failure on the office desktop will not result in loss of the program, nor any data.

Mobile App Integration

Another pro of a cloud based approach, is that it can easily integrate with mobile apps. Thankfully, Nomisma embraces this, and offers both Android and iOS mobile apps. The software can also be used via a web browser interface. The mobile app is also useful for capturing expenses as invoices and receipts can be captured and uploaded on the mobile platform while away from the office.

Automatic Reconciliation & Payroll

Nomisma’s Bookkeeping module has an Automatic Reconciliation feature. It is a serious time saver, and can shoulder some of the heavy lifting of running a business as it connects to your bank account, recognizes the transactions, and then can match them up so everything is reconciled.

Another useful Nomisma function is Dashboard on the Payroll module. This provides key data that is easily glanced, and can show payslips, payroll and RTI submissions. Payslips can also be emailed or printed to keep track of them.

Functionality and Time-Saving

Nomisma’s Self-Assessment Software for Accountants brings plenty of functionality to the table. By integrating with the Bookkeeping module, it can prepopulate Self-assessment fields, carrying data forward, and avoiding the tedium and potential for error by not having to re-key in data. It can also perform an unlimited number of Self-assessment submissions, and is fully HMRC compliant and registered. It also provides confirmation that the HRMC has accepted the tax return through submission reports.  

Using the Numisma suite is timesaving as well as Workflow Management can automate accounting processes for a more efficient workflow. For example, client management is made more efficient through creation of email templates and scheduling. Another example is that working papers can be kept organized all in a single place, with less time spent on the menial task of organizing a file cabinet.

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