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Last updated: 05 June 2020, 04:57 GMT

As paid traffic becomes more and more expensive, building a list of customers becomes more expensive. And that means building your brand becomes, you got it, more expensive. This is why we’re always on the lookout for the next thing that can help you reduce your costs to acquire a new customer.

Right now, that thing is Facebook Messenger chatbots. And our favorite tool that lets us automate customer acquisition and increase sales through Facebook Messenger is ManyChat.

Get People on Messenger and Offer Amazon Promo Codes

Okay, let’s get down to the business end of creating a simple chatbot in ManyChat that you can use to give out Amazon promo codes to new customers and simultaneously add them to your messenger list.

As with most customer acquisition chatbots you’ll create, the basic steps will look like this:

1. Facebook Messenger Ad

A Facebook Messenger ad looks like any other Facebook ad, except instead of a “Learn more” or “Shop Now” button, Messenger ads have a “Send Message” button as their call to action.

The Facebook Messenger ad you’ll be running as the first step of this funnel will offer a percentage off of your product to encourage prospective customers to hit the Send Message button.

However, to create that Facebook Messenger ad you’ll need a piece of code. And, in order to get that code, you need to first create your chatbot in ManyChat.

Promoted Recommendations

2. Facebook Messenger Chatbot

As soon as they hit the Send Message button, your chatbot will be triggered and a Facebook Messenger window will pop-up.

Your chatbot can then either give them their promo code (by this point they already automatically on your messenger list) and direct them via a link directly to your Amazon product listing, or…

3. Optional Landing Page

Or, if you want to hit the Ecommerce Trifecta, you can direct them to a landing page. This will allow you to also Facebook pixel them AND ask them to enter their email address to get the promo code, thus hitting the Ecommerce Trifecta of messenger list / pixel / email list.

Amazon Promo Codes – The Basics

Part of your Messenger strategy will likely be to deliver Amazon promo codes. Let’s cover some basics of promo codes here:

To create Percentage Off promotion codes go to your Seller Central account, hit Advertising in the top menu bar and choose Manage Promotions from the drop-down menu. Then create a Percentage Off promotion.

Amazon will only let you set the start time of your promotion a minimum of 4 hours from the time your first set it up. So plan ahead accordingly.

Single-Use Codes can be used to generate multiple different codes for your promotion, but each of those codes is unique and can only be used 1x. After being applied once at checkout that individual code won’t work again. I.e. you cannot give multiple people the SAME single-use code. The benefit of using single-use codes is that you can track which codes have and haven’t been used.

It is possible to run a promo with ManyChat using single-use codes, however, it gets more complicated and you’ll need to use third-party software like Zapier or Zonpages.

Group Codes can be used multiple times. You receive one code that can be used by multiple people. This is way simpler than using single-use codes for your promotion. However, be aware that anyone who has this code could share it in a group or forum. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if you want to make more sales, but none of those customers will become new subscribers on your messenger list.

To limit the number of times any individual can use a Group Code to once, check “One Redemption Per Customer.”

When using a Group code, unless you want everyone that visits your Amazon product page to be able to see and use your promo code, uncheck “Detail page display text.”

If you’re running a high percentage off promotion (e.g. 80%) make sure you’ve set up everything about your promotion correctly. If not, someone could buy your entire inventory at a huge discount… and then resell it on your listing.

Double-check EVERYTHING before you hit submit to check there are no costly errors.

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