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Last updated: 30 January 2020, 06:41 GMT

We consume so many articles online each week that we often feel like we’ve got all the content we could possibly want! Despite this, there is a feeling that you can only get from flicking through a glossy magazine. When was the last time you walked down a newsagent or supermarket magazine aisle to take a look at what is on the shelf? You may be surprised at the price of magazines!

Fear not, we have hunted down the best free magazines that you can get your hands on. Whatever your interests, there is a magazine for you!

Lego Magazine for Kids

We HAD to start with this gem! Do you have or know people with children aged between 5 and 9 who are into Lego? You can claim a free magazine subscription from Lego simply by signing up.

You will get 4 free Lego Life magazines sent a year with content that is aimed at this precious age group. While you wait for the first issue to land on the doormat, you can access the last issue via their app so there is an instant freebie for the Lego lover in your life!


Free Vegan Magazine

Diets in the UK are changing at a rapid pace! More and more people are reducing the amount of meat they eat each week for environmental, health and animal welfare reasons. Vegan diets don’t have to be tasteless and dry. This vegan magazine (worth £5) will give you practical tips on how to go vegan.

You can get your FREE copy using this discount code: VEGANFOOD.

Grab your free copy and learn today!

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Good Housekeeping Magazine

It is no surprise that Good Housekeeping magazine is still an incredibly popular magazine. With topics from homeware, food, fashion, travel and more, you get your money's worth in every issue of the Good Housekeeping magazine.

One way to get more for your money is to not even have to spend a penny in the first place! Good Housekeeping run giveaway competitions of 1000 issues at a time and you can enter too. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page to get your free copy of this magazine.

OK! Magazine Freebie

Want to unwind and get up to date with the latest celeb gossip, real-life stories and interviews? OK! has established itself as the leading celebrity gossip magazine in the UK that is jam-packed with the hottest goss and pictures.

If you enjoy a flick through a gossip magazine then you’re in luck! You can now get your hands on a free issue of OK! You simply need to fill in this form. Once you have filled the form in, you will be sent the next available issue as it hits the shops. The terms and conditions of the freebie state that you will receive your magazine within 6 weeks of filling the form (but it should be sooner).

Treat yourself to some time away from a screen and read through a (free) magazine!

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