Preparing a nursery on a budget: here's how to do it

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Baby & Parent

Last updated: 12 February 2020, 03:17 GMT

When it comes to your baby you want to do everything to make sure they have it all. A fantastic looking ánd practical nursery can be really expensive, from made-to-measure changing tables to expensive bedding. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are our tips to create the dream nursery on a budget.

Smarten up your storage

With a baby you will have a lot of things to store. Clothing, toys, nappies and lots more all need to find a place in the nursery. A bulky chest of drawers takes up a lot of space, often unnecessarily. They are very expensive too!

Buy a couple of storage tubs (like these ones) and put them on floating shelves. These are usually inexpensive and keep the area underneath free for other bits. It opens up the room and is budget-friendly.

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Buy second-hand

At WLFS, we always encourage buying second-hand! It is usually much better for your wallet and it helps the planet. You decide for yourself which items you are happy with buying second-hand.

 If you are happy buying a crib ‘like new’ or ‘used’, you can save lots of money. Give it a lick of fresh paint and some new bedding and it’s perfect for your baby. You will also likely find things like a rocking chair, changing table or nursery accessories. There is an endless supply of baby items online and in second-hand shops so take advantage of this!

DIY changing table

Changing stations are generally the most expensive item of a nursery (along with a bed). But consider if you really need a made-to-measure one. 

Skip the pricey changing table and simply buy a wardrobe (like this one). You can put a mat on top, nappy waste bin next to it and you’re ready to go. Put your nappies, cremes and wipes in one of the drawers or install a floating shelf above the unit. This also allows you to hang up a mobile to keep your baby happy whilst changing.

baby room mobile

Choose long term pieces

Instead of purchasing furniture that only looks cute when you’re baby is a certain age, choose timeless pieces. These will last you way longer and will grow with your child! If you opt-in for a neutral colour piece of furniture, you can’t paint or decorate this along with your child’s interests. This is a much budget-friendlier way of decorating a room. For example, this neutral colour rocking chair can be repurposed in the living room when your baby gets older.


This is always a top tip when it comes to decorating any space. Instead of spending a lot of money on colourful or patterned pieces, use your accessories to brighten up the room. You might bored of a colour or style after a while and this way you haven’t spent all your budget on a couple pieces.

 Think decorative knobs, lighting, cushions and bedding. You can easily swap these on a low budget when you feel like changing things up. These wall-art stickers are a fun way to decorate a room at a low budget too.

You can see that decorating a nursery doesn’t have to break the bank. With these tips you can stay within a budget and create a fantastic nursery for your baby.