Pregnant? Companies want to give you freebies and here is how to get them

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Baby & Parent

Last updated: 26 January 2020, 08:07 GMT

Expectant parents go through nearly every emotion during the pregnancy process. Through all the joyous emotions, there are naturally some hesitations and concerns too. Something that comes up time and time again the pressure that a new mouth to feed and body to clothe puts on household finances.

There are a lot of companies that recognise this and take the opportunity to introduce you to their brand through freebies. We’ve put a list of the best freebies out there that you can claim for free today.  

Cow and Gate

The baby milk company has an exclusive club for parents. The C&G Baby Club has some really useful articles and other content to make your new life as a parent as easy as possible. You can read it on the portal or receive weekly email updates.

So, other than the helpful information, what freebie can you get your hands on? C&G Baby Club members who are pre-30 weeks can get a free cuddly cow toy! A lovely toy to add to the soft collection for your new arrival. Your package will also come with the 5-step weaning plan to help you get ahead.

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St John Ambulance

Being responsible for a little one can be a daunting prospect! This freebie from St John Ambulance is slightly different but valuable nonetheless. You can now get a free first aid course aimed at educating parents how to carry out first aid for their child if the worst was to happen.

Taking St John Ambulance up on their paediatric education offer is a no-brainer for expectant parents. You will never regret having this additional skill and it is even better that it doesn’t chip away at your bank balance in the process!

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Another big brand with big rewards for parents! Search the app store on your phone for “bounty pregnancy” and download this app to get access. The app is full of useful tools to hold your hand throughout the process including size tracking, baby shopping list and organising midwife appointments.

Where the app gets a lot of credit is thanks to the freebie section. Bounty Parenting Club members can get free packs from the brand as well as exclusive discounts from major retailers e.g. Tesco and Superdrug. Download now to claim your Bounty freebies

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With a baby, you will probably spend more time (and money) at a pharmacy like Boots that you care to think about! It therefore pays to sign up for freebies and rewards to get the most value from your shopping.

Boots Parenting Club don’t have an extensive list of upfront benefits but you WILL see the benefits as you start to use your Boots Advantage Card. Parenting Club members get 10 points for every £1 spent on baby related products. You will also get a freebie for each stage of your babies development so keep an eye out in the app for that.

The more you use the card, the more Boots will learn about your spending habits. This means that they can tailor exclusive offers for you to redeem when buying with them.  

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Having a baby can be expensive but with these new parent freebies and loyalty cards, you can get rewards as you go through this special moment in your life!