Want some more mindfulness? Take up these crafting hobbies!

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Caroline Stronkhorst in Arts & Crafts

Last updated: 27 January 2020, 12:54 GMT

Do you find yourself running around every day, no time to take a breath? With work, family, friends and keeping your house clean, there is usually not a lot of time left for yourself. Relaxing is very important for your mental and physical health. Taking up a crafting hobby can be a great way of making sure you take some time to relax! 

Here are our top crafting hobbies you can start doing now, even if you are a beginner!


The art of calligraphy is related to handwriting. There are plenty of books and online worksheets available that can help you master this precise art. You can start practicing one script and move on to others as you get better.

There are different tools you can buy for calligraphy, and it’s worth investing a couple pennies in these if you’re serious about taking up calligraphy. Some tools are: brush pens, classic dip pens, pencil, markets and nice papers. If you are a complete beginner and want to try out a bit of calligraphy before buying too many tools, just start with a brush pen.


Making cards

Making your own cards is a fun hobby, because it allows you to do something relaxing while making a special card for your friends and family. Make your own birthday, Christmas or ‘just because’ cards!

You can make your own cards in thousands of different ways. Create 3D cards, use stamps or use scrap paper – you can do it all. All you need to start with is a pack of blank cards, you can use scrap gift wrapping paper, ribbons, tape and everything you already have in your home. As you start practicing you will find out what you like to use and go from there.


Clay sculpting

With clay making you might instantly think of the famous scene in the film Ghost. But you don’t have to purchase an expensive pottery wheel in order to take up this hobby. Start with modelling clay that you can buy in packs from a craft shop. You can mold this, let it dry (air dry or the oven, check the instructions on your clay) and paint in any colour you like.

Clay sculpting is often found to be one of the most relaxing craft hobbies, due to the soft material you are handling. You can make coasters, vases, bowls and plenty of other things you can use around the house!



Crochet has seen a resurgence in the last couple of years! We understand why, it is a fun hobby where you can make intricate pieces of art. It is relatively cheap, as all you need is a couple of wooden sticks and wool. There are thousands of patterns available in stores or online, or you can get creative and make your own.

You can create anything you wish with crochet: from pot holders to toys, even bike seat covers and egg cosies!


Having a crafting hobby has many benefits. Not only does it relax you and take your mind off daily troubles like work, by using your hands and brain you practice your hand-eye coordination. And you’re making beautiful things to keep or give to friends and family!