Get a Free 30-Day Trial & 40% OFF for the First Three Months from Sage Business Cloud Accounting: A Free Tax Software in the UK for Self-Employed

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Last updated: 18 June 2020, 08:20 GMT


Tax software can be a great way to simplify your life when you don't want to pay for an accountant to file your tax returns. This is especially if you are self-employed and want to keep on top of everything. Sage’s entry-level accounting plan starts at £10 (plus VAT) per month – with 40% off for the first three months at the time of writing. While Business Cloud Accounting doesn’t have a free tier, it does offer a 30-day trial to give it a spin.

Why Use a Free Tax Software in the UK for Self-Employed?

Working for yourself as a contractor can be a challenge enough at the best of times, especially keeping on top of your day-to-day admin tasks, but tax software can at least ensure that you're paying the right level of tax. This means you also need to keep on top of your accounts, so having good billing and invoicing software or even a complete accounting software package can be a real help here.

Luckily, there are a number of software packages available specifically developed to ensure that you don't just file your taxes with HMRC but also ensure you cover your allowances and other tax deductions that will ensure you don't end up over-paying your tax.

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Why Use Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

A wise choice for those seeking an all-encompassing finance solution. Unlike some of the other products featured here which are solely focused on tax, Sage offers a fully-fledged small business accounting package. This cloud-based platform is capable of handling a gamut of finance-related tasks, including tax returns, naturally.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting fully integrates with a number of Sage’s tax solutions, depending on your exact needs, but whichever route you choose, the idea is to provide a seamless all-round solution that means much less monotonous and repetitive data entry for you.

You might want Sage Personal Tax, which allows you to prepare compliant SA100 tax returns and file them with HMRC online. Or you could require Sage Corporation Tax for preparing compliant CT600 tax returns.

Whatever particular tax solution you need, all of them fully integrate with Business Cloud Accounting and can allow you to swiftly file accurate and compliant accounts and tax returns with HMRC and Companies House.

And of course the cloud-based platform takes care of all your bookkeeping and accounting needs besides, including calculating and submitting digital VAT returns to HMRC – so there’s a lot of power here for small businesses, particularly on the retail side.

About Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage is the British company that has been offering accountancy software solutions for many years. The business currently has its latest incarnation of Sage Business Cloud Accounting that, as the name suggests, offers the flexibility and dependable edge provided by a cloud-based solution. The service was originally called Sage One but has morphed into a beefier package that differs from Sage’s 50cloud option. The most obvious benefit of Sage Business Cloud Accounting is that you gain the flexibility and scalability provided by having a cloud back-end.


Sage Business Cloud Accounting gets regular updates and its latest version is perfect for small businesses that need a relatively straightforward solution. Once you’re signed up Sage Business Cloud Accounting lets you tackle accounting, but it’ll also simplify sales tracking, reporting and pull contact together. You’ll be able to accept and receive payments, create and send invoices as well as stay on top of bookkeeping chores all within the space of a cloud-based service. 

The additional benefit of Sage Business Cloud Accounting is that it lets you enjoy the same powerful features on your computer, tablet or phone. That way you’re on top of your accounting no matter where you happen to be.


Sage has been around long enough to realize the potential of offering a product that can be used by the many and varied users that need accountancy solutions. As a result, there are versions available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad plus the web-based edition for anyone with access to a browser. 

As you’d expect from a cloud-based solution, it depends on an internet connection but all data is stored in the cloud. Sage delivers a reliable service in that respect and the performance has been carefully honed over the years to help you enjoy a pretty decent experience.

Ease of use

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is quite a dry experience in that it’s less easy on the eyes, but certainly offers a comprehensive suite of features and functions. If you’re a newcomer to its functionality then you might find it a little hard going as there’s quite a lot to get through during initial setup. This is done via a Getting Started screen, which incidentally can be switched off if preferred. 

You can, of course, import a lot of your data as well as connect to your financial institutions, which means that most of your accounting figures will self-populate the various categories. Nevertheless, there is still quite a lot to digest within the Sage Business Cloud Accounting interface, though once you’ve become familiar with it progress is much more streamlined. 

Sage has done an impressive job at shoehorning the same experience into its mobile apps too, with iPhone and Android experiences surprisingly good. You can even get it for the Apple Watch.


You’ll find plenty of options available to you if you need to call upon some support. Sage has got this aspect of its business down to a fine art, with email, phone and also live support options all available. 

For ongoing issues that can’t be resolved with a quick answer then there is also the provision for raising support tickets, whereby your query will be put into a queuing system and hopefully resolved as quickly as possible. You also get the benefit of a healthy community spirit within the world of Sage, while easily accessed and comprehensive FAQs also get to the bottom of many everyday questions and quandaries.