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Last updated: 13 February 2020, 09:53 GMT

Do you kids love Mister Maker on CBeebies? You can now support their creativity with the Mister Maker Club subscription box that gets delivered straight to your door. Mister Maker has partnered with craft box experts, Toucan Box, to deliver fortnightly crafting goodness to your door.

How can I get a free Mister Maker box?

Mister Maker is offering you the chance to get a Mister Maker box for free to try it out! This is an incredible offer that gets the fabulous box delivered to your house. You do need to cover the 98p posting and packaging but it is worth every penny!

You need to click on this link here to claim this offer and save yourself £6 with this freebie. It is worth noting that you are not obliged to carry on buying the Mister Maker Club boxes when you claim this freebie.

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What’s in a Mister Maker box?

In short, everything you need for a crafting adventure! You won’t need to go out and buy any additional products, Mister Maker Club boxes come ready to go. Each box contains: all of the craft materials, colourful instructions, puzzles, colouring in and games in an activity book and a FREE collectible sticker.

 On your first order, you will also receive a giant wall chart as a welcome perk. This is a lovely way to start to track your crafting adventure with your child. With every order, you will also receive badges and certificates to mark the progress of your Mini Maker. Everything is better when stickers are involved!

Every box contains 2 new adventures for you and your child to go on! With 12 themes that run throughout the Mister Maker Club world, there is always something new to get your teeth into!

mr maker boxHow much does a Mister Maker box cost?

If the Mister Maker Club box sounds like something you NEED to buy then you probably want to know how much it costs! Well, here is some good news: it is not expensive! The box is sent every 2 weeks and each delivery costs £5.95 (+98p postage & packaging). As the box has everything ready to go inside it, this presents really good value.

How long do I need to commit to?

One of the main questions raised when signing up to get a subscription box delivered is, “How many boxes am I committed to?”. Mister Maker know that obligations to keep purchasing a box can be difficult for families and so you can order one box at a time.

There is no need to setup a long-term direct debit to Mister Maker! If you want it to auto-deliver every couple of weeks, you can do that no problem. However, you remain in full control of your purchases through your account. There will be no unexpected surprises with Mister Maker Club!

Personalise Your Box

Personalisation is a nice touch by the creators of the Mister Maker. When you order your box you are given the opportunity to personalise the box with the childs’ name and age. This makes this subscription box into a fortnightly gift for your special child in your life!


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