What are LoveCoins?

LoveCoins (LC)  is the internal currency earned by members of the community for their involvement with the site. Members are then allowed to visit the Rewards Store and exchange their LC’s for a range of rewards such as digital gift cards.

Who can earn LoveCoins?

Everyone is able to earn LoveCoins however you will need to have a registered account to begin earning LC’s. Get 6 LC’s just for signing up and logging in!

How do I earn LoveCoins?

Every member has as much chance of earning the same volume of LoveCoins as the next, but as the rule goes, the more you participate the more you will earn. You will be able to see your LCs balance at any time by visiting your profile page.

Here are all the ways you can currently earn LoveCoins!

LoveCoins for account registration 5 LC
LoveCoins for logins (max 1 /day) 1 LC
LoveCoins for (approved) deal posts (max 1 /day) 5 LC
LoveCoins for affiliate referrals (1 per IP & max 25/ day) 2.5 LC
LoveCoins for updating your profile (max 1 / month) 5 LC
LoveCoins for adding first  profile photo 5 LC
LoveCoins for adding first cover photo 2.5 LC
LoveCoins for making a new friend (max 10 /week) 0.10 LC
LoveCoins for hot meter & thumb likes (max 20/ day) 0.05 LC
LoveCoins for group and offer comments (max 10/ day) 0.10 LC

How do you redeem LoveCoins for Rewards?

It is very easy to redeem your well earned LoveCoins by visiting the LoveShop! Here you can buy any of the available and in stock rewards immediately granted you have enough LC’s to purchase that specific reward.

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